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Youth kills father over electricity bill payment !


New Delhi, Sep 1:

A heated argument over the payment of the electricity bill led a 19-year-old to stab his father to death and attack his mother who tried to intervene, police said Monday.

The incident occurred at Swaroop Nagar area in west Delhi around 9.30 p.m. Sunday.

Bijender, who is jobless, was arrested a few hours after he killed his 46-year-old father Gopal Tiwari, and for attacking his 44-year-old mother Durgesh Nandini, who is said to be out of danger.

“Bijender stabbed his father in the chest several times with a knife. When his mother tried to intervene, he attacked her on her head,” a police official said.

The youngest among three brothers and two sisters, Bijender got into a heated argument with his father when he was scolded for not paying the electricity bill, an amount of Rs.5,000.

“Gopal would scold Bijender for not doing any job even after his marriage. Two-three months ago, Gopal told Bijender to pay the electricity bill from his own income. But Bijender did not pay the bill which led to an argument,” the official said.

Gopal earned his living by selling eggs on a push-cart.