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Young woman tells all about Sura Baba’s night calls


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Sep 1:

Every day, fresh evidence is tumbling out of the cupboard on the alleged sexual escapades of Sura Baba alias Surendranath Mishra, the head of Trahi Achyuta ashram at Jhiinti Sasan on the outskirts of Odisha capital, who was arrested yesterday.

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In telephonic interview to Manoranjan Mishra, editor of our sister concern Kanak TV, a young woman who had stayed in the ashram premises for around three years, on Monday brought serious allegations over telephone that Sura Baba used to ask young women staying inside the ashram premises to attend night calls with him.

Sura Baba used to tell that he was Lord Krishna. On refusal to do so, they used to be terrorized that they will fall sick.

According to this young woman from Kendrapara area the Baba used to invite the women inmates of the ashram to attend night calls near a jamun tree inside the ashram premises at around 2.30 AM in the night.

She said the jamun tree was in a orchard ahead of the bata brikshya (banyan tree) located behind the kitchen of the ashram which had other fruit trees like mango lemon etc.

Seven to eight young women used to attend the night call with Sura Baba, she alleged. Those refusing to attend the Baba’s night call were threatened of falling sick. Forced some women used to attend the Baba’s night call, she added.

The young woman however, claimed that she wasn’t influenced by the persuasions of the aides of the Baba who had asked her to join the Baba in the act. She said she was shocked on watching the Baba’s escapades and had cried a lot in her bedroom thinking how could persons whom she used to respect as Gurudev and god indulge in such acts.

She said the Baba’s younger son too indulged in such acts though being a Guru bhai, however, she claimed that the Baba’s elder son was not of that type.

Feeling shocked and demoralized she had left the ashram a few days after that.