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Young woman climbed Subhadra’s chariot on Rath Yatra day!


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Puri, Jul 25:

Even as the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has suspended one servitor and served show cause notice to another while asking the Puri district administration to conduct an investigation into a woman climbing the chariot of Lord Jagannath on Monday evening, investigations have begun into a young woman mounting Darpadalan, the chariot of Devi Subhadra, on Rath Yatra day in violation of Odisha High Court’s orders issued last year.


Already on the defensive over Monday’s trespass, a harried SJTA on Friday said that appropriate action will be taken after examining CCTV footage of the incident that has come to light.

It’s being said that the young woman mounted the Devi Subhadra’s chariot when the chariots were parked in front of the Shree Jagannath temple on Gundicha Yatra day. But what is baffling is how could the young woman manage to beat the three layer security around the chariots?

Notably, three magistrates and the DGP himself were in-charge of the three chariots on Gundicha Yatra day. The three chariots were completely cordoned off by the police while they parked in front of the temple.

In addition to the inner cordon by the police around the chariots, there was an outer cordon in place around the chariots by paramilitary forces.  The young woman had allegedly climbed Devi Subhadra’s chariot before the wooden horses were attached to the chariot.

In response to the allegation, the SJTA has said that the CCTV footage will be examined to find out who had climbed the chariots before the pahandi of the Lords and how many non-servitors had climbed the chariots after pahandi and consecration of the chariots thereof.

The SJTA said if any servitor is found to have accompanied the young woman to the chariot, then her identity can be ascertained. However, ascertaining her identity would be difficult if she climbed the chariot through the charamala (wooden ramps used for climbing chariots) alone, the SJTA maintained.

The SJTA told the media on Friday evening that in the event of evidence surfacing on any deviation or violation, appropriate action will be taken against the wrong doers.