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Yogendra Yadav served notice for ‘paid news’


Gurgaon, April 7 :

AAP candidate for Gurgaon Lok Sabha seat Yogendra Yadav was Monday served notice after party workers distributed an unregistered newspaper containing news only about the AAP at a press conference, officials said.

Yogendra Yadav, Leader, AAP
Yogendra Yadav, Leader, AAP

Deputy Commissioner Shekhar Vidyarthi, who is also the chairman of the district media certification and monitoring committee, served notice to Yadav.

Aam Aadmi Party volunteers had distributed a tabloid-size newspaper in Hindi language titled “Aap Ki Kranti” during Yadav’s press conference Sunday at the party office here.

Around 50,000 copies of the paper were printed from Mohali in Punjab and Arvind Kejriwal was said to be its founder and publisher.

“The paper did not have a registration number and contained all positive news related to the AAP and also published a survey in favour of Yadav. The information may be unauthentic and can mislead the people,” an official said.

“The act comes under the offence of paid news,” he said.

The estimated amount for the “paid news” will be added to the expenses of the candidate.