Odisha Dancer Performs Sambalpuri In Front Of Eiffel Tower

The article from Sambad English highlights a special performance by internationally acclaimed Odissi dancer Saswat Joshi, who brought the traditional Sambalpuri dance of Odisha to a global stage by performing it in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris. Alongside other artists, Saswat Joshi and his troupe captivated the audience at this renowned French monument.

Saswat Joshi expressed his pride and joy on social media, sharing his excitement about performing the authentic Sambalpuri dance in front of thousands of spectators and paying tribute to Odisha. He acknowledged the hard work and effort of all the dancers involved and extended his heartfelt thanks to Mahina Khanum and Avishai, who were integral to the performance.

Mahina Khanum, the female lead of the group, reciprocated the gratitude, thanking Saswat Joshi for the show and celebrating the representation of Odisha in Paris. She referred to Saswat as “our Odia Ambassador” and expressed happiness about showcasing Odisha’s culture in the city of lights.

This performance was not just a dance but a celebration and tribute to Odisha, showcasing its rich cultural heritage on an international platform and making the performers and the people of Odisha proud. The event was a testament to the dedication and passion of the artists, who, through their art, brought a piece of Odisha to the heart of France.

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