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Worldfloat launches ‘billion dollar’ mobile app


New Delhi, July 1 :

Worldfloat, India’s largest homegrown social network with around 60 million users, has launched a new mobile application that combines news feeds, videos and movies with the social network.

“What makes Worldfloat mobile unique and exclusive is that it gives picture-based real time news on mobile from mixed varied news sources and the internet in a convenient way,” Worldfloat founder Pushkar Mahatta said.

When you visit Worldfloat.com through Google on your mobile now you will experience a beautiful-looking interface with a cover story of the latest news happening in India and around the world and latest news feeds from different sectors including technology, science, global, sports, business and entertainment, Mahatta said.

He said the new mobile app offers easy-to-scroll interface with hard-hitting headlines from various sources.

“Through the mobile, we have the best news app for India. Today, the international competition for Worldfloat mobile is Flipboard mobile in the US and valuation for Flipboard is close to a billion dollars,” Mahatta said.

Worldfloat claims to be the Flipboard for India on mobile and with the Indian population of mobile internet users growing rapidly, the company expects to have the largest market share in the news world of mobile apps.

Flipboard is mostly focussed on US and western countries and dominated by news, while Worldfloat has introduced to India focussed mobile apps and also caters to Western audiences.

“In the coming months we will be launching stunning new features in Worldfloat mobile,” Mahatta said.

“You have seen Facebook, Linkedin, Pulse, Flipboard on mobile. Now the Worldfloat mobile combines social networking, news feeds and movies on one platform,” he added.

Worldfloat also on its website version is featuring a news search engine, video chat, viral videos and social marketing technologies called Marketx.

Mahatta claimed the Marketx is 90 percent cheaper in online marketing technology when compared to Facebook ads.

“Marketx offers Rs.1 lakh worth of Facebook ads for just Rs.10,000 a month,” said Mahatta adding Marketx is the cheapest online advertisement technology in the world today.