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World Radio Museum planned for Odisha


Mumbai, Dec 21:

Not many share the same passion and responsibility that social activist and Radio Namaskar chairperson NA Shah Ansari shares for traditional medium radio. This time his passion has travelled the extra mile through his plan to open a world radio museum in Odisha’s Konark.

N.A.Shah Ansari : Making Waves
N.A.Shah Ansari : Making Waves

Speaking to Radioandmusic.com, he said, “Right now, it is in the design and conceptualisation phase. I would like to approach the authority to help me set-up this museum. As this project will require a huge space, I am hoping that the government could help with a plot of land. I strongly believe that I will be joining with many other NGOs and organisations who share the same passion.”

He stressed that the first radio museum of the world will display the complete evolution of Radio as a medium and various technology. “It will consist of history of radio in audio and written format. Historic voices and speeches of Karl Marx, Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru and so on will be displayed in the museum.”

Ansari has been working on the unofficial plan for past four months. Currently, he is working on a model that could be presented before the authority to gain funding.

Last year, his Community Radio Station- Radio Namaskar’s campaign ‘Chala Skul Ku Jiba’ received the Billionth South Asia Award 2013 for its innovation in community broadcasting, especially integration of new technologies with community radio. This campaign was spread across four blocks and has been able to achieve zero drop-out rates in 165 schools in one block alone. Ansari had tried to spread his knowledge on use of mobile phones for social and behavioural change at New Delhi for the National Consultation this year. This consultation was organised by UNICEF and Digital Empowerment Foundation.

 (Source : Courtesy, Radioandmusic.com )