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World boxing body threatens to sue Hockey India


New Delhi, May 30 :

International Boxing Association (AIBA) Friday threatened to sue Hockey India (HI) secretary general Narinder Batra for alleging the world body took money to recognise Boxing India as the official custodian of the sport in India following the termination of Indian Amateur Boxing Federation (IABF).

Narinder Batra
Narinder Batra

AIBA’s executive director Ho Kim in a letter to HI president Mariamma Koshy said Batra should be ashamed of making scandalous allegations against the world body.

“We refer to the scandalous and totally wrong allegations made by Mr Narinder Batra, the secretary general of your national federation which was published very recently,” said Kim.

“Please note that AIBA will not tolerate to be accused of having received a big amount of money from Boxing India for the latter to be accepted as the new national member federation in India.

“This information is totally wrong and AIBA is expecting to receive immediate explanation and proof of these allegations with evidence on this matter from Mr Batra for having spread such a rumour which is tarnishing the image of AIBA as well of Boxing India,” he added.

Boxing India is being promoted by long-time sponsor Monnet Ispat, headed by Sandeep Jajodia, and owner of India’s World Series of Boxing franchise, Udit Sheth. AIBA has recognised Boxing India as the ad-hoc body before an elected body is put in place.

Batra had alleged that the Boxing India got the rubber stamp with a hefty amount paid to AIBA.

Rubbishing the allegations, Kim said: “Mr Batra should be ashamed of questioning the integrity of AIBA as he has obviously absolutely no idea of the way our International Federation operates, of AIBA Ethics and principles of transparency. In addition, his criticism of Mr Narayan Ramachandran, president of the Indian Olympic Association, are also totally unfounded,” he said.

“As we are now preparing an international media/press article on this matter and a legal suit against Mr Batra and your national federation which he also represents, I am giving you a chance to explain this matter immediately before we proceed with our actions,” Kim added.

Batra in his defence wrote to Kim saying: “Do not ever again threaten me with legal cases or anything else, even yesterday I got a telephone call on my mobile from a private number in India threating me that president AIBA is a personal friend of president IOC and they can get me thrown out of hockey in one minute by asking AFIH, after this I gave that caller from India some sweet talk in my very own Punjabi language, and he then forgot his English and shut the phone.”

Batra demanded AIBA should apologise and withdraw the threats.

“Once again I am giving you an opportunity to you to apologise and withdraw your letter,” he said.