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Women queued up to partake of Sura Baba’s paan spit!


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Sep 2:

Even though India has taken great strides in science and technology, successfully venturing into the interplanetary space with the Mars Orbiter Mission or ‘Mangalayaan’, millions of its people still live in the Dark Ages, bereft of something called scientific temper. Believe it or not, women devotees used to compete with each other to lap up the spit of paan chewing self-proclaimed godman Sura Baba collected in a spittoon.

Women devotees of Sura Baba
Women devotees of Sura Baba

Hundreds of women devotees coming from distant places would wait in serpentine queues early in the morning vying to lap up Sura Baba’s spit collected in a spittoon in front of his house.

The paan chewing Sura Baba dressed in a saffron robe would come down from his residential quarters at around 8 in the morning and spit in the spittoon kept in front of his residence. Eagerly waiting women devotees would waste no time partaking of the spit collected in the spittoon considering it to be God’s prasad, locals said.

The spittoon used to be lapped up clean within minutes by the waiting women devotees who considered it as prasad of the God having no revulsion in doing so.


  1. Such devotees should also be grilled along with the Baba. Due to such idiot brainless devotees only criminals like Sura, Sarathi are flourishing

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