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Woman loots bank manager after taking lift in Odisha


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Dec 1:

Giving lift to an unknown woman by a private bank manager turned out to be a costly mistake, she made off with his car and Rs 80,000 in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Photo: newimg.amarujala.
Photo: newimg.amarujala.

On Sunday evening, a woman asked for a lift from the bank manager  Dilip Rath, and asked to be dropped off at Patrapada. In Patrapada, four of her accomplices pushed themselves into the car and drove off with his car. They later badly beat him up and threw him out of the car.

According to police, Dilip Rath who works as a manager in a private bank in Khurda, at 7:30 pm yesterday was returning to Bhubaneswar from Khurda. A girl asked for lift in the Fire Station Chowk, in Bhubaneswar and asked to be dropped  at Patrapada.

When they reached there she opened the door to climb down,  suddenly, four young men came rushing in and surrounded Rath, they put a sharp object to his head and carried him to another car. Then the girl and her four accomplices drove off with both the vehicles, crossing Khurda towards Jankia.

They parked the car in a deserted place near Jankia-Nachuni chowk and threw out Dilip from the car.  They had told him that he could take back his car from Shani Mandir in Patrapada. After they went away, Rath with great difficulty reached the Jankia police station and was dropped home by police.

He had filed a complaint in Khandagiri police station on Monday and further investigation has found that the miscreants have take out Rs 80,000 from his ATM card. Police have also searched for the car in Shani Mandir area in Patrapada, but without success.

The modus operandi of stealing car after asking for lift by woman has worried the Bhubaneswar police commissionerate.