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Woman trapped in demo by Odisha varsity students dies


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Sep 26:

A young woman died of suspected heart attack while on her way back home from office after getting trapped in the melee at the busy Vani Vihar square in Odisha’s capital city where students of Utkal University were protesting the decision of the university authorities to scrap students’ union elections for this year.

vani vihar mishap one

The young woman, identified as Suman Sharma, collapsed inside her vehicle a few meters away from the road blockade put up by students of Utkal University this evening.

Suman was working in a private company in the city and was residing in the Chandrasekharpur area. The woman hailing from Ranchi was driving along the flyover towards Rasulgarh without having any inkling of the road blockade at Vani Vihar square by students after cancellation of students’ union elections.

She collapsed while driving and her car took an about turn apparently after she fell unconscious. Police personnel on duty rushed to the car and tried to rescue her from the vehicle, but in vain. Finally, they had to break open the door by smashing the glass panes. The unconscious woman was rushed in a police vehicle to the Capital Hospital here for medical attention but it was too late by the time she reached there. Attending doctors declared her dead on arrival.

vani vihar mishap

The acquaintances of the deceased have blamed the students for the unfortunate incident.

“People should not stage road blockade. Such incidents have caused inconvenience to people and today it has taken a life. They should refrain from such acts,” a person known to the deceased told reporters gathered at the hospital this evening.

Meanwhile, the body has been kept for post-mortem, which is unlikely to be conducted today.


  1. one website says she was 35, another says 43 and yours says 29. pathetic news reporting. moreover who gave you the permission to post her pic at the hospital stretcher where she is lying in an awkward position. respect the dead… put yourself in her situation… imagine yourself as the dead body, photographed in an awkward position and the world looking at your picture… pathetic reporters, good for nothing.

  2. @ Arundhati – You are quite right. This is not acceptable.

    What sort of reporting is this? Was it necessary to upload the pic of the deceased, that too an inappropriate one. This sort of media reporting should be refrained. Just imagine how disturbing it will be for the family of the deceased if they come across this image.

    It shows that the reporters at odishasuntimes.com are not actual reporters…just uneducated people with a pen, paper, and a camera. They have no respect to humanity. The editor too lacks common curtsy. Shame on the reporter…Shame on the Editor…shame on Odishasuntimes.co.

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