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Woman drags swan for selfie, leaves it to die


New York, March 11:

 A female tourist has been spotted dragging a swan out of a Macedonian lake, taking a selfie with it and leaving it to die, a media report said.

photo courtesy: Nake Batev
photo courtesy: Nake Batev

In the photo that went viral on social media, an unidentified woman from Bulgaria was seen trying to drag a swan with her wing from the waters of the Lake Ohrid – one of Europe’s deepest and oldest lakes that straddles the mountainous border between southwestern Macedonia and eastern Albania, New York Daily News quoted MINA as saying on Thursday.

The majestic bird lay still and died after the woman let it go. It was not immediately clear when the selfie encounter took place, the report added.

A few days ago, a baby dolphin was killed in Argentina when tourists pulled it out of the water and passed it on to take photos with it.

Consequently, humans have also been at the receiving end of such incidents.

In August last year, a rattlesnake bit a California man when he was trying to take a selfie with it.(IANS)