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Will someone in Odisha Energy dept please explain these power cuts


Odisha Sun Times Bureau

Bhubaneswar, July 8:

The  power regime in Odisha believes in taking people for granted.

What else explains the fact that the SLDC and the CESU have gone for long hours of power cuts in the state capital since Monday without even bothering to notify the consumers about it. What is even more revolting is that the so-called VIP areas are excluded from these powercuts.

Today, the people in Bhubaneswar have to bear with power cuts for 30 minutes at every 90 minutes interval, a relaibale source revealed.

” What prevented the Energy department or the CESU to let the consumers know about it ? Are they not accountable to people who pay to get their services ?,And why should the VIPs not share the torture ?” asked an agry consumer in Lingaraj Vihar area, which has been facing cuts every now and then since Monday morning,

The power cuts, that last between 30 to 90 minutes, have been taking place five to eight times , he said.

Sources said, the power cuts are not due to inadequate power generation but because of a decision taken four days ago by the power authorities to divert power to Puri via Keshura grid for yesterday’s Bahuda Yatra and today’s Suna Besha.

Whatever be the reason or  justification for such long hours of power cuts,  the state Energy department as well as the power utility CESU surely owe the people an explanation for not notifying them about the power cuts in advance.