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Wild elephant breaks into Odisha’s Nandankanan


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Mar 22:

A wild elephant today kept Odisha’s Nandankanan zoo officials on their toes after breaking into the zoological park last night.

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The elephant last night broke into the zoo after trampling the rear fence of the tiger safari and went on to break the white tiger safari at two different places.

The incident came to fore today after the workers of the safari noticed the breaches and sighted the elephant. Tourist vehicles were immediately barred from entering the safari and a flush out operation was launched to drive out the pachyderm.

Even though the elephant continues to be inside the zoo, the safari services resumed in the afternoon after the broken fences were repaired.

A confrontation between the tigers and the intruder elephant was luckily avoided as the tigers had not been allowed inside the safari last night.

Notably, intrusion by breaching fence is nothing new at Nandankanan. It is the second such incident in past two months.