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Bhubaneswar, Jan 1:

At a time when his adversaries are trying to put him on floor over a host of issues, astrologers too foresee that Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik would not have a smooth sailing in 2017 as far as his health and state-Centre relation is concerned.

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Eminent astrologer Dr Nimai Banerjee has predicted that 2017 will not yield favourable results for Odisha and Naveen Patnaik.

As per the natal chart of Odisha, Rahu mahadasha with Mercury antardasha has begun from December 8 last year which will continue till June 16, 2019. The lord of the chart being Rahu and is in low position, the Rahu and Jupiter conjoin will have no impact on it due to which industrialists pull out from the state and might not set up their operations in the state.

During this period, the stars will not give favourable results for the chief minister too. Naveen Patnaik’s image would take a beating and will be defamed unnecessarily. The prediction further says that corruption in the state will be on the rise and the state-Centre relations would also suffer.

In addition to this, the growth trajectory will be on the decline. While the inter-state water dispute with Chhattisgarh over river Mahanadi and Polavaram multi-purpose project over river Godavari are yet to have a favouring result for Odisha, the astrologer predicts that the state would suffer water crisis.

The decaying health services in the state was out in the public domain after over 100 children died of Japanese Encephalitis related deaths in tribal-dominated Malkangiri district. The year gone by was a bitter experience for the government as far as Nagada malnutrition deaths is considered. The soothsayer predicts that death due to unknown diseases would continue to put the government in the dock this year too.

However, the state would prosper in the field of sports and bring laurels in art and culture. The surrender spree in the state would continue and more Maoists would join the mainstream.

On the other hand, the birth chart of Naveen Patnaik shows that he would not have favourable results this year. From July 25, 2014, Venus mahadasha and Venus antardasha are in transit which will continue till November 25, 2017. During this period, Naveen would face several problems and it would be on the rise. The ministers and other leaders will be exposed. However, he will be able to tide over the crisis as the 10th position in the chart is exalted.

While Naveen would try to initiate several steps, his health would be a matter of concern. The health-related issues will nag him.

As the political parties have sounded the panchayat poll bigul and giving final touches to the poll strategies to woo the constituents, it will hardly have any impact on the outcome. The ruling party would better their last figures and achieve higher success, the astrologer added.