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What drives women to become unfaithful to their partners?


New Delhi: Once the wooing stage is over and the couple has settled down, some men become far less generous and downright stingy. This leads to most women becoming unfaithful to their partners, according to a survey.

Gleeden, a European dating site for married individuals, catering to people seeking affairs outside their relationships, conducted a research on 5,000 Indian women users of the dating site who belong to the age group of 23-35 years.

According to the study, married women do not ask to be showered with gifts, but they do appreciate being looked after and valued. As many as 74 per cent of the women felt that their spouse was not generous enough, while 56 per cent said they have already fought about this issue.

Most women link infidelity to the lack of generosity from their husbands. Around 69 per cent women think that the lack of sweet words, tenderness, small gestures and initiatives is because their spouse is cheating on them or is in the process.

To explain their own infidelity as a result of their spouse’s ignorant behaviour, 39 per cent of the women members stated that it was their need to feel valued.

Around 29 per cent women admitted their self-esteem is hurt when their spouse does not make sufficient effort. Over a quarter of them declared that stinginess has suppressed their desire for their spouse, and that they consider this defect to be a real romance killer.

“We are delighted to see the increasing number of Indian users in our site and how encounters outside marriage is no more a taboo or something to be shy about in India. In this survey, we have seen what could be the reason for the women to move out from their marital bond to find new encounters,” Solène Paillet, head of communications and a manager at Gleeden, said in a statement.

“The company’s aim is not only to bring members together but to anticipate their expectations and needs and providing them with reliable content, a high-quality interface and many innovative services and I believe, this survey gave us a ray of hope to provide more tempting services to our users,” Paillet added. (IANS)