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Watch: Odisha’s primitive tribe brew their drink

Picture courtesy: Facebook/ Rest of My Family

Bhubaneswar: Bondas, the aboriginal tribe of Odisha, are known for their primitive ways, lightyears away from the touch of civilisation. They are also known for the famed country liquor called mahuli, made by them using simple methods of household cooking.

This liquor is basically a type of alcoholic beverage made from dried flower called mahula (scientific name: Madhuca indica), brewed in earthen pots in Bonda households. It is colourless in nature with strong alcohol content, and accompanied by the aroma of mahuli flowers.

We chanced upon a Facebook video that depicts the self-brewed liquor being made:


The Bonda tribe's simple and ingenious distillation procedure for making alcohol.#Odisha #RestOfMyFamily Odisha Tourism

Posted by Rest Of My Family on Friday, December 1, 2017

It is a common practice among Bondas to keep stock of this home-made drink after a long day of work. Both men and women are known to consume it.



(Disclaimer: Odisha Sun Times does not encourage consumption of alcohol. This video aims at depicting the socio-cultural importance of the beverage in the community.)