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Watch: Baby cobra rescued from rice bag in girls hostel in Odisha capital


Bhubaneswar: Panic gripped a girls hostel in Old Town area after a baby cobra was rescued from a rice bag here last night.

The Snake Helpline Founder Subhendu Mallick rescued the baby snake that was hiding in a cup kept inside the rice bag.

The incident was reported from the girls hostel located in Kedar Gouri area of the city on Friday night when the baby cobra was spotted by one of the hostel inmates identified as Sagarika Sunderay.

The girl was frightened when she entered her hand inside the bag to get rice for cooking at night.

According to reports, when Sagarika touched the cup to get rice, she felt cold. Later, she realised something is there inside the bag that feels like cold. She was panicked after she found the baby snake inside the rice bag.

“I was completely scared to see the snake inside the rice bag. I could have been the victim if it stings me,” Sagarika told media reporter.

She told other girls about the snake inside the rice bag. Later, they informed Mallick for rescue of the snake.

“The girls were panicked after seeing the snake inside the rice bag. They had closed the upper portion of the bag with a rope and covered it with a bucket so that the snake could not come out of the bag. As the snake was so tiny, even I could not see it inside the rice bag. Later, I found it in the cup that was inside the bag and rescued it carefully,” said Mallick.

It’s surprising that how snake entered the hostel in the city where almost all the houses have marbles or titles on the floor.

Mallick denied the possibility of having other snake hatchlings inside the girls hostel after rescued of the baby cobra as the building is not spacious and there is no garden or plant on premises of hostel.

“The baby cobra might have entered into the hostel through thin gap of the door because of its tiny size. Normally, the snake hatchlings were found together just after incubation. The mother cobra leaves the egg laying place few days before the hatchlings come out of eggs. The moment the hatchlings see the world, they become the enemy of each other and move separately in search of food,” he said.

Mallick suggested people to keep rice in container instead of bag as there is possibility of small snakes get into it and may harm people.

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