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Watch: 19-ft-long king cobra rescued from house in Odisha


Baripada: The snake helpline rescued a 19-ft-long king cobra from a house at Balipal village near Similipal wildlife sanctuary in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district yesterday night.

The family members of the house of Ruhia Singh were panicked to see the huge snake inside the house.

According to reports, the members of the house spotted the snake while going to bed after having dinner. They immediately informed the forest department about the presence of the king cobra in the house. As the officials delayed in reaching the house, the panicked house members sought the help of snake helpline for rescue.

On receiving information, the snake catcher Krushna Chandra Gochhayat reached the house and rescued the deadly reptile.

Following the rescue, the snake was released into the wild.

“I was scared after finding the huge king cobra whose length was more than 19-ft as I had never caught such a long snake before. The snake was found lying under the bed. As the house is located near Similipal, the snake might have entered into it. The family members of the house were panicked to see such a giant serpent. I managed to rescue the snake in one and half hours and released it in the forest,” said Gochhayat.

“The family and villagers had never seen such a huge snake. If I were a bit late, they would have killed the snake,” he added.

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