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Wanted Odisha Maoist leader Sabyasachi launches new outfit


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, May 31 :

In a press release, wanted Odisha Maoist leader and the founder secretary of the Odisha Maobadi Party (OMP)- a breakaway faction of the outlawed CPI-Maoist-  Sabyasachi Panda alias Sunil has announced the formation of a new united front of Maoists called the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) or in short CPI-MLM.

Sabyasachi Panda
Sabyasachi Panda

Panda is the general secretary of the new formation.

Sources said the so-called united front has been forged between the OMP and the erstwhile CPI-ML ( Janashakti) and certain small Maoist groups based in West Bengal.

The two-page release dated May 19 signed by Sunil (Sabyasachi) says, ” Communist revolutionaries belonging to different ML/ Maoist groups and sections have come forward to build a single united communist revolutionary party in the name and style of CPI (MLM) in an exercise in (the) right direction. We hope to rise up to the occasion, earnestly serving the interest of the people and foiling the evil fascist design of Indian comprador ruling class,”

While dismissing the last general elections as a drama that saw power change hands from one section of the Indian ruling class to another, the release says it is only communist extremists who can bring about a change in the Indian economy which is in dire straits now and deliver justice to the peasants and the working class.

The release also says the aspiration of the people for change has been reflected ” either via naxalite movement outside the Parliament or AAP likes (sic) movement inside the Parliament.”

CPI MLM press release
CPI MLM press release

Interestingly, the formation of CPI (MLM) comes 18 days after the formal merger of CPI-Maoist ( Naxalbari) led by Ajith with the CPI-Maoist led by Ganapathy on the last May Day.

Sabyasachi is believed to have fallen back on small Maoist groups in Odisha and Bengal after most of his followers were either killed or arrested following a series of attacks by the Odisha police and security forces on his small rebel outfit called the Odisha Maobadi party.

Some believe, Sabyasachi’s latest move reflects his desire to return to the ranks of CPI-Maoist, a party that had expelled him last year on charges of being a renegade.  Sabyasachi, however, has all along maintained that he chose to quit the party on ideological grounds.




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