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Visual delight: Pods spotted along Odisha’s Puri coast


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Puri, Jan 19:

With the mating season of the dolphins round the corner, schools of them can be seen swimming along Odisha’s Puri coastline travelling towards the estuaries to breed.


Every year during last phase of the winter season, groups of Bottlenose dolphins travel from the Chilika estuary to the Devi estuary for mating.

Tourists and nature lovers are enjoying the pleasure of watching these beautiful water mammals swimming playfully in groups. Each group has 7-8 dolphins swimming in a row. The chief of the group can be seen giving specific signals for all the other dolphins to follow.

The dolphins in search for mates are entertaining the onlookers with their playful jumps in the water much to the delight of the visitors to the temple town.

These intelligent creatures living in Chilika lake travel to Devi estuary through the Puri coastline every year to partner, according to fishermen.

“It is usual for these dolphins to travel in the sea during this mating season. It is a normal phenomenon,” said Puri Assistant Conservator Forest (ACF) Bijay Patnaik.