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Video – New weapon in police-Maoists battle in Odisha


Malkangiri: In ongoing war between security forces and Maoists in the past decades, both are now using video instead of gun to fight battle in a different way to motivate tribals in red corridor.

Both police and red rebels especially in the villages in Malkangiri bordering Chhattisgarh are trying to get tribals’ support by showing each other’s loopholes through video tapes and films.

The Maoists are showing the video featuring the alleged torture by security personnel on innocent people, setting their houses on fire, their goondaraj and how they kill people claiming them as Maoists.

On the other hand, through anti-Maoist documentaries and films the tribals are being advised not to support the Maoists. In the videos, the police attempt to disclose the true intention of the Maoists, who want only anarchy not freedom.

With the transformation of gun battle into video battle, the tribals in the cut off areas in Maoist-dominated districts are puzzled to analyse anything.