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Shocking: Odisha teacher makes students do head massage!


Sambalpur: After the shocking incident of a teacher making students wash her scooterette, one more video where a teacher is making her students massage her head has gone viral in Odisha.

The latest video has come from Sikirdi Upper Primary School in Sambalpur where a woman teacher is seen sitting on a chair and a girl student doing head massage from behind.

To utter dismay, it’s not a single girl who is seen giving service to her teacher. One more girl student is also seen in the video doing ‘Guru Seva’ seemingly inside the staff common room of the government-run school.

Surprisingly, the young woman was in complete oblivion and enjoying the massage service.

While the video is doing rounds in social media platforms, the incident has come under severe criticism.

Following the incident being reported, the teacher Bharti Meher – who is the headmistress of the school – has been placed under suspension.

Worth mentioning, video of a woman teacher making her students wash her scooterette with sticks on her hand had gone viral owing which she was placed under suspension.

The incident took place almost a week ago at Amantpur Project Upper Primary School in Angul district. The Block Education Officer (BEO) suspended the teacher Sanjukta Majhi last Sunday.