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Video of bikini-clad woman taking selfie goes viral


New York, Oct 13 :

A secretly taken video of a bikini-clad woman spending more than a minute to get a perfect selfie has gone viral on YouTube, securing as many as 1.6 million hits so far.

Woman's selfie goes viralThe lady spent so long trying to catch the right body angle that another woman decided to film her in an unknown location.

In the clip, the woman tries a number of different angles to get the perfect self-portrait.

“Seriously, this lady has been doing this for so long that I was able to grab my phone, take a couple of pictures and now this video of this ridiculousness,” the woman who shot the video covertly was quoted as saying in media reports.

The selfie-taking girl even went for a low angle to include her behind in a shot.

“Oh my god, are you kidding me, she is going to take one from down there,” the shot-taking woman is heard saying in the video.

The video clip has invited all kinds of reactions, some criticising the woman for breaching the other woman’s privacy, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

“Yes, I found this woman very creepy too, the girl may looked silly for spend 1 mins on selfile [sic], but really it is not other people business, who has the right to judge her silly or ugly?” one user posted.

Another person said both the women involved are silly.

“This video just shows two girls making fools out of themselves. One is the selfie girl and the other one is the filming one,” he wrote.