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Versatile Master Raju Mishra honoured with Jaidev Award 2012


OST Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Dec 10 :

The Versatile Raju Mishra : Belated Honour ?
The Versatile Raju Mishra : Belated Honour ?

Versatile Odia film personality Rajgopal Mishra, popularly known as Raju Mishra has been nominated for the prestigious Jaidev Award for his lasting contributions to Odia cinema over the last 35 years.

This belated honour for the veteran cinematographer, music director and director was formally announced by the State Culture & Tourism minister Maheswar Mohanty during a press meet here Monday.

The minister also shared details of the 24th Odisha State Film awards for the year 2012 in several film and televsion categories.

While popular stars Sabyasachi and Barsha won top honour as best film actors for ‘Emiti Bi Hue’ and “Prem Sabutthu Balaban’ respectively, MBC TV’s popular serial Maati Baikunth’ won three awards for best serial,best direction and best script.

Dr Iti Samanta and Himanshu Khatua will receive awards for best telefilm producer and best telefilm director respectively.

Awards for best acting in the television category have gone to Lawrence Behera (Male) and Neetu Singh (Female) for ‘Gayatri’.

No awards were announced for important categories like best film, best director, best screenplay and best dialogue writer, perhaps because none qualified for it. Only 9 of the 31 Odia films made during 2012 were part of the consideration by the jury.

Actors Mihir Mohanty and Singdha Mohanty won Special Jury Awards for their moving performances in ‘Emiti Be Prem Hue’ and ‘Tu Mo Suna tu Mo Hira’respectively. Baidyanath Dash has been adjudged the best music director for ‘Tu Mo Arambha Tu Mo Sesha.

Popular hero Babusan won the award not for acting but for being best male playback singer of 2012 for ‘Love Master’ and Tapu Mishra was adjudged the best female playback singer for ‘ Tu Mo Suna Tu Mo Hira’.

Here is the list of winners of other important awards- Best Story: Chinamayee Mohanty ( Tu Mo Suna Tu Mo Hira), Best Supporting Actor ( Male ) : Ashrumochan Mohanty(Emiti Be Prem Hue)) Best Supporting Actor ( Female): Puspa Panda (Tu Mo Suna Tu Mo Hira) , Best Editing: Love Master, Best Lyricist: Bijya Mall (Nai Separi Kanakgori), Best Comedian : Hrushi(Tu Mo Suna Tu Mo Hira), Best Cameraman: Gagarin Mishra(Nai Separi Kanakgori), Best Sound Recording: Nai Separi Kanak Gori, Best Child Artist: Aryan Mishra (Emiti Be Prem Hue) Best Costumes: Babuni(Sapath), Best Make Up: Khirod Panda (Love Master).

Television Awards:

Best Actor in Character Role: Ramakant Mohapatra (Male) for Sabat Maa and Sasmita Singh(Female) for Kahani Nuhen, Best Actor in a Negative Role:Kedar Chandra Mishra (Bada Ghar Bada Gumara Katha), Nupur Ghosh (Sabat Maa), Best Comic Actor: Sushil Mishra (Gotie Mana Ra Kotie Swapna) and Best Child Actor:Dharmendra Pujari (Kahani Nuhen).

Best Director (Serials): Jitendra Mohapatra( Mati Baikunth),Best Story: Jitendra Mohapatra(Mati Baikunth), Best Screenplay : Satyabrat Dwivedi(Patibrataa), Best Dialgue Writer: Sukant Chandra Mallick (Sabat Maa), Best Videography:Malaya Swain (Bada Ghar Bada Gumara Katha), Best Video Editor: Sriyabrat Patra(Gayatri), Best Sound Recordist: G.Apanna Rao(Gotie Mana Ra Kotie Swapna),Special Jury Award: Bhagaban Behera (Patibrataa).