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Use Holi colours wisely


New Delhi, Feb 11:

With the festival of colours Holi inching closer, make sure you know which colours to play with to have good health and relationships.

Pic: festivals. iloveindia.com
Pic: festivals. iloveindia.com

Holi falls March 6 this year, and mind, body and soul expert Madhu Kotiya has shared tips on colour therapy:

* If you are having relationship issue, use red and pink herbal colours and mix sandalwood and rose petals. It will create more harmony and love in the family.

* For those facing financial problems, they should use green and yellow colours and mix a pinch of cinnamon powder. This will open the doors of abundance and cleanse the financial obstructions.

* To be healthy, try blue and purple colours with lavender fragrance.

* To improve concentration, use brown, red, golden colours and mix a pinch of turmeric and cardamom powder.  (IANS)