New Delhi, Aug 28:

Unity and compassion have been the key words while dealing with the unrest in the Kashmir Valley, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday.


Modi said these two words invariably and persistently emerged during his interaction with different political parties who spoke in one voice on the issue.

“Whatever happened in Kashmir, all the political parties spoke in one voice. They gave a message to the world as well as to the separatists while conveying our sensitivities towards Kashmirs,” Modi said in his “Mann Ki Baat” radio address.

“In my interaction with different political groups, one thing emerged. It was unity and compassion to be the core mantra of our policy in Kashmir.”

Modi said that every single life lost in Kashmir, be it of a Kashmiri youth or a security personnel, was a loss of the nation.

“It is evident that every single life lost in Kashmir … is our loss, our country’s loss,” the Prime Minister said.

More than 70 people have been killed and thousands injured in street clashes since security forces shot dead a militant, Burhan Wani, on July 8 in the Kashmir Valley.

Modi said the troublemakers who were trying to use children as shields in Kashmir would have to answer for their deeds one day.

“Those trying to incite trouble from behind children will have to answer for their deeds to these innocent children some day,” he said.

The Prime Minister insisted that to keep India united, we should promote and highlight things which promote unity and integrity.

“Our country is very large and it is full of diversity. To keep a diverse country like ours united, it is our responsibility to highlight and focus on things which promote unity and integrity.

“Only then will we make a bright future for ourselves, which we will do,” Modi said. (IANS)