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Two-headed snake finds home in China zoo


Beijing, Aug 12

A zoo in Nanning city of China recently adopted a two-headed cobra. The rare creature has already survived 15 days but the zoo said it may need to call in specialists to keep it alive.

pic: www.nairaland.com
pic: www.nairaland.com

The 20 cm long snake has two brains but only one digestive system. It was born on a snake farm and was soon handed over to the zoo for better care, reported Xinhua.

It now weighs only 50 grams, about 15 grams lighter than a normal cobra at the same stage of life.

Zoo keeper Li Keqi has been caring for snakes since 2007. He said he had never seen a two-headed snake until now.

He said temperature and humidity changes during incubation may have caused the mutation.

“One of its heads wants to move to the right, while the other wants to move left. This kind of incongruity is constantly affecting the animal.”

The snake shed its skin for the first time a week ago, but has since refused to eat. Zoo keepers are using artificial feeding to keep the animal alive, but this method is not sustainable.

The zoo is now calling snake experts from around the world for their advice. (IANS)