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Two-fold hike in bus fares in 12 years


OST Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Oct 7:

With the latest hike in the ordinary bus fare, there has been a two-fold hike in the fare within a span of 12 years in Odisha since 2001-02.

According to official records, ordinary bus fare per km in the state was 30 paise in 2001-02, which increased to 33 paise in 2003, 35 paise in 2004, 38 paise in July 2005 and 41 paise in August, 2006.

Though the fare had come down to 40 paise per km in 2007, it again went up to 44 paise in June, 2008 and came down to 43 paise in December the same year.

On February 14, 2009, the state government had brought down ordinary bus fare to 42 paise per km.

However, the fare rose steadily again to reach 46 paise in April, 2010, 50 paise in July 2011, 55 paise in November, 2012 and 59 paise in October, 2013.

Apart from the ordinary bus fare, the price in the express, deluxe and AC deluxe bus fare has also gone up over the years.

While the fares in the in the express, deluxe and AC deluxe buses was 35, 45 and 55 paise respectively in 2003, they have gone up to 62, 82 and Rs 1 respectively in October 2013.

The hike in the bus fare has been attributed to the frequent hike in the price of diesel.

While the price of the diesel per litre was Rs 15.45 in 2000, it has crossed Rs 55 now.