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Twitterati get into war of words over Odisha’s Raghurajpur


Bhubaneswar: A goof up on microblogging site has the Twitterati wrangling over a painting of heritage village in Odisha’s Raghurajpur.

Bengal Tourism (@bengaltourism) posted a photograph of travel blogger and author Sharell Cook to promote Hilsa Festival in the neighbouring state inviting sharp reactions from the social media users.

The owner of the photograph was visibly upset over lifting of a copyrighted image by Bengal Tourism.

The unverified Twitter handle was in for incessant bashing after it put up an explanation. Read below:

See how Twitterati reacted to it.


It was not all over. The online battering continued unabated.

Interestingly, the neighbouring state has pitted itself against Odisha on several issues. Syrupy sweetmeat Rasagola is one among them.

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The Twitter account in question later clarified that it is a private company and isn’t involved in impersonating @TourismBengal, the official account.