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Triple murder in Odisha capital: Police to interrogate two widows


Reported by Santosh Jagdev
Bhubaneswar, Oct 17:

To gather more evidence and arrive at a concrete conclusion on the real motive of Sneha Swyakhar Samal, the man who carried out the gruesome triple murder in the Odisha capital on Tuesday morning, the Commissionerate Police are now planning to interrogate Runu Behera the widow of the deceased caretaker Prashant Behera as well as Mini Meher, the widow of the deceased Dr. Atulya Chandra Meher.

triple-murderSo far the police have interrogated Sneha, who is repeatedly claiming that the reason behind killing orthopedic surgeon Dr Meher was because he prescribed ‘expensive’ tests for his ailing daughter.

Sneha, who was himself injured in the scuffle during the incident and is being treated in a local hospital, had said during his first interrogation by the police late on Wednesday night that he had taken his four-year old daughter to Dr Meher for consultation on October 3. The doctor, he said, prescribed a series of tests which cost him nearly Rs 3, 000. But nothing came out of the tests leading him to believe that they were unnecessary and that he had been taken for a ride by the doctor.

Sneha’s initially did not want to take his daughter to any doctor but it was his wife who insisted on it, police sources said.

During the second day of interrogation the accused Sneha had revealed to police that he had planned to kill the doctor just after his first meeting with him on October 3.

During their second meeting on October 9, Sneha decided to kill the doctor. On the basis of that the accused spent more than an hour talking to the doctor and extracting information on his plans, address and other details from him.

During the conversation Sneha learnt that Dr Meher was interested in starting a private nursing home in the Khandagiri area and Sneha told him that he could help him in the matter. The doctor apparently told him that one of his daughters was studying in the US and another was a student in Pune and he needed some extra income to cover the cost of their education.

Police have also learnt that Sneha had gone to Dr Meher’s house a day before the incident with the intention to kill him, but the doctor had left minutes before he reached his house. The next day Samal went fully prepared with six knives, a bouquet and extra clothes.

The police are, however, not convinced about the reason cited by Sneha for the triple murder. “We are investigating the unusual role of Dr Meher’s widow Mini Meher during the incident. The investigation is on,” said Dr R P Sharma, twin city commissioner of Police.

Police sources said even though the CCTV footage is clear there are many missing links in the event. More information on these missing links would come out only after interrogating Runu, who is undergoing treatment in a private hospital here and Dr Meher’s widow Mini Meher.