Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Chhatrapur, Jun 8:

Former Union Minister Braja Kishore Tripathy’s yesterday’s salvo at Odisha’s ruling party-BJD turned out to be a damp squib as the ICICI Bank Chhatrapur branch account holder turned out to be a different Sabyasachi Panda than the Maoist leader mentioned by Tripathy.


According to reports received from IIC Chhatrapur police station account number 203601501728 in ICICI Bank Chhatrapur branch is held by one Sabyasachi Panda. The said account was opened on February 28, 2014. The account holder’s father’s name has been mentioned as Chita Ranjan Panda. The account holder is a resident of Kamapalli area and is a casual employee of Gopalpur port. The account currently has a balance of Rs 1174. The police claimed the facts came to light after its investigations.

“No such transaction has taken place in my account. The name of the account holder and the account number are correct but no such transaction has taken place in my account. The Rs 45 lakh transaction as claimed by him (Braja Kishore Tripathy) from BJD account to my account has not taken place. I am a small-time businessman we run our house by doing hard work. He might be having some misconception over my name. You can verify my transactions details from my bank. The person who has supplied him with the information might have supplied him with wrong information. He should have verified things before going public. This is a sort of harassment to the public,” stated Sabyasachi Panda, the account holder of a/c no. 203601501728 of ICICI Bank Chhatrapur branch speaking to our sister concern popular television news channel Kanak News over the telephone.