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Transgenders strip, assault Naga Baba in Odisha capital; video goes viral


Bhubaneswar: A group of nearly a dozen transgenders roughed up a Naga Baba at his ashram on the outskirts of Odisha capital yesterday.

While the passersby stood mute spectators to the assault on the monk, one of them recorded the incident on his smartphone. The video has since gone viral on social media platforms.

The group of around 10 transgenders barged into the ashram in Khandagiri area and battered him with broom and punches till he fell down on the ground.

As per sources, the Twin City Commissionerate Police has launched a drive to flush out transgenders from ‘Kinnar Haat’, where they have allegedly been involved in soliciting customers.

Few days ago, the Khandagiri police had driven away the transgenders from the area owing which they had sought refuge at the ashram. However, the Baba didn’t allow them in leading to an altercation.

Yesterday, the transgenders teamed up and launched an assault on the Baba after allegedly stripping him.

“Around three Babas were smoking ganja in the ashram and misbehaved with some Kinnars. So, they retaliated,” a Kinnar claimed.

Local police reached the spot and rescued the Baba.

“I came to know that the Baba had physically assaulted a Kinnar. I am not aware of the veracity of the claims. Investigation would reveal the truth,” said Meghna secretary of All Odisha Kinnar Society.

On the other hand, locals alleged that the transgenders have been running sex racked in the area. People, especially women, are inconvenienced while passing through the area where they congregated daily.

The transgenders might have suspected that Baba is responsible for the police action for which they attacked him, a local resident said.