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Train accident averted near Cuttack station in Odisha


Cuttack: A possible train mishap was averted near Cuttack railway station in Odisha late last night as an aluminium plate detached from the trolley spring of an express train’s coach but railway staff detected it and separated the affected coach before any untoward incident.

According to official sources, due to defect in S-6 Coach of Puri-bound 18409 Howrah-Puri Jagannath Express around 2.05 am near Home Cabin of Cuttack Station, the train was not allowed to move for safety reasons.

As a result, the following trains in UP line was controlled enroute.

01. 22201 Sealdah -Puri Duronto at Kendrapara Road from 0210hrs to 0405hrs.

02. 12863 Howrah-Yesvantpur Express between Nergundi and Kendrapara Road from 0223hrs.

03. 12887 Howrah-Puri Weekly at Kapilas Road from 0300hrs.

04. 18478 Haridwar -Puri Kalinga Utkal Express at Byree from 0320hrs.

05. 12802 New Delhi -Puri Purusottam Express at Barithengada from 0338hrs.

06. 12837 Howrah-Puri Express at Haridaspur from 0407hrs.

07. 18047 Howrah-Vascodagama Amaravati Express at Jenapur from 0432hrs.

The front portion with 14 coaches of the affected Jagannath Express reached Cuttack Station at 5.05 am.

East Coast Railway (ECoR) workforce detached the affected coach following which the train left for Puri at 7.45 am.