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Tortured, made to drink urine by police, man moves Odisha rights panel


Reported by Santosh Jagdev
Bhubaneswar, May 24:

Accusing local police of torturing him brutally, 35-year-old Kalahandi based businessman Rajesh Kumar Gupta today knocked on the doors of Odisha Human Right Commission (OHRC) here seeking its intervention in his case.

Gupta alleged that he was brutally tortured and forced to drink urine in the Koksara police station by the IIC with the help of SDPO of Dharmagarh, after being arrested without any reason.

Gupta filed a petition in the OHRC against the IIC and the sub-collector.

Gupta said he was put to suffering by the authorities in Kalahandi after he unearthed and made public some of the illegal activities in the procurement of paddy from farmers.

The victim said he was arrested along with his brother and driver while returning to his home at Jaipatna at around 3 pm on March 7 this year. He said the police detained his vehicle and took him into custody without giving any reason.

“I was not offered food by the police personnel on the day of the arrest. When I asked about the reason for my arrest, the IIC of the police station verbally abused me,” said Gupta.

“The next day I was asked to pay Rs 5.50 lakh to the Superintendent of Police for my release. When I declined to do so, police again took me into lock up,” he said.

“The IIC was forced to register a case following an order from SDJM, Kalahandi whom my mother and wife contacted and told my sufferings the next day,” Gupta said.

Even after the case was registered, the victim was asked to sign the arrest memo mentioning the date of previous day. “When I refused to do so, I was brutally tortured and forced to drink urine by the IIC and some other constables. Moreover, they threatened me of dire consequences if I did not sign the memo,” he said

“I was released on bond yesterday after spending 14-day in Dharmagarh jail. It was a pre-planned act by the sub-collector of Kalahandi and IIC of Koksara. After I protested some of their illegal activities, it was their plan to torture me in every possible way,” said Gupta in his petition, who was accompanied by his lawyer when he went to OHRC.