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Top 100 +2 Science students felicitated by Sambad Group


Bhubaneswar: Continuing with the annual ritual to felicitate meritorious students of Odisha, Sambad Group on Friday felicitated top 100 Plus II (Science) students from across the state at a gala event organized in a city-based hotel here.

Prior to felicitation ceremony of +2 Science (CHSE, Odisha) Champions-2018 organised by Sambad Group, Odisha Skill Development Authority Chairman Subroto Bagchi, Principal Secretary of Water Resources Department and Chief Administrator of Shri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) Pradeep Kumar Jena, Editor of ‘Sambad’ and Rajya Sabha MP Soumya Ranjan Patnaik, Sambad Group Managing Director Monica Nayyar Patnaik and Sambad CGM (News) Arabinda Das addressed the attendees and wished them success in their future endeavors.

“Parents are praying at the false God of scope and unnecessarily worrying about scope. They are worried about scope of study. Today, there is scope in everything. If you are a first rate cobbler, you earn more than a second grade scientist. Scope is not what tutorial/ institute is teaching or neighbor is talking about. Just be good in whatever your do and the scope will open up, it presents itself,” Subroto Bagchi advised parents in his address.

Sharing about disquieting days in the US during the 9/11 attack and stressing on skilling, he said: “There was a sense of cynicism post the disaster. All were wary about their future. I too was worried as to how will I support my family. I was trying to put together Mindtree’s future which was under danger. In the gloomy environment, it occurred to me if the world would come to a standstill what will I do, as I was young then and a family to support. I realized if world will come to a standstill then people would still wear shoes and I can be do the job of shining shoes in front of a train, proudly and earn a living. It is very important to understand that only skilled fingers can create a refined mind.”

Referring to famous British science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke who quoted JD Bernal in his book, Bagchi said, every man/woman has two futures – future of desire and future of fate. Seldom, the two will meet. Instead of bemoaning it, you have to make your future of desire as your future of fate.

“Watch a movie every fortnight, read books, extend help to anonymous persons every week, play outdoor games, eat right and lastly, do fall in love,” Bagchi advised the young minds.

Success doesn’t taste good without challenges. Every student should dream but shouldn’t indulge in daydreaming. There is no right time for opportunities. Every moment is opportune time. In this world of fast-changing technological developments, we have to compete with robots and machines in future. In view of this, parents shouldn’t impose their wishes on their wards, instead allowed them to chase their dreams, Pradeep Jena expressed.

“Parents shouldn’t exert undue pressure on children. It is not proper on parent’s part to realize their dreams through children. A famous speaker had said luck comes when opportunity meets preparation. You need to be prepared to grab the opportunity. Besides all, one should be humble and respect their parents. Those who are not grateful cannot achieve success in life. So, shed ego and be humble,” Patnaik advised the students.

I congratulate you for scoring such good numbers in the examination and wish you a success for your future, Sambad Group Managing Director Monica Nayyar Patnaik said.

Earlier in the event, Arabinda Das presented a brief picture of the prodigious career of the dignitaries on the dais, during his opening speech.

Rakesh Einstein of Brahmasmi Tutorials Pvt Ltd, Mahesh Patnaik of Bansal Classes, Rashmiranjan Patnaik of Genome Classes, Ambarish Das of Yuvodaya Classes, Subrat Panigrahi of Saraswati Bidya Mandir, Nilakantheswar also had an interactive session with the students to help them choose right career.