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Titillate your taste buds with lip-smacking street food in Odisha capital


Bhubaneswar: The very mention of ‘Khao Gali’ can make the foodies residing in Odisha capital salivate with the thought of delectable and interesting desi and vedesi street food served at neatly lined-up food trucks near Ram Mandir.

“One of the best things in this city is the ‘Khao Gali’,” said 20-year-old Barsha Nayak, savouring chicken noodles at an outlet.

Picture Courtesy: MahaSweta Nayak/ Facebook

The capital city offers street food from across the globe at the two junctions- Infocity Square and Ram Mandir Square. While it is desi food ranging from lip-smacking flavoured pani-puri to Rajasthani pao bhaaji at Infocity Square, food trucks at Ram Mandir Square serve tastes of the world from Mexican to Italian to Chinese and what not!

“After completing studies, me and my friend decided to start this stall as there were not many serving Lucknowi cuisines here. Our kebab burgers are in great demand,” said Manish of Lucknavi ZayakaOdisha’s Rajesh Barik owns the pani-puri stall at Infocity and offers it in about six different flavours. Among the regular, cool mint, hot garlic, mango hajma, healthy dates and hing delight, our favorite pick is the cool mint which leaves a fresh yet spicy taste in your mouth.

Picture Courtesy: Anshuman Pattnaik

Shawarma rolls and salad are common at both places and the spice-free, bland taste brings out all the flavour of chicken and vegetables.

Picture Courtesy: Anshuman Pattnaik

“Brownies are our favorite here! You get sizzler brownie at Rs 70 and I think I can eat it all day,” said a delighted 10-year-old Aakash, as he enjoyed the sweet with ice cream.

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Litti Chokha, the traditional food of Bihar, is also in huge demand. “I am from Patna and have been here for some time. I wanted to offer something new and interesting, thus Litti Chokha,” said Dilip Kumar, the owner of the stall at Infocity.

“I have been to both Ram Mandir and Infocity’s street food area and have tried everything. The desi in you shall come alive at Infocity and that’s my favourite spot too. The best part is, all these amazing food are very reasonably priced,” said Anshuman Patnaik, sipping the tea, served at a tea truck.

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Lasagne, pasta, burrito, burgers, enchiladas, noodles, momos, and rolls are sure to take you on a world food tour. “Virgin Mojito and our shakes are appreciated by the customers,” said the Food Express owner at Ram Mandir.

If you’re into soup, Soupilicous truck at Ram Mandir serves soups of all flavours and tastes, from tomato to garlic to vegetable to chicken and all that you need to give your taste buds the ‘soupilicous’ feel.

South Indian foods have also found a place among all the Indian food items at Infocity and they serve you some of the best dosa and idlis you’ll find in the city.

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Rajasthan’s Mitu bhai had his family living in Bhubaneswar for a long time and he decided to serve us the best he cooks— pao bhaji. “People like it here. We have various other outlets in the city,” said Mitu.

Youngsters, elders, children and people of all age groups flock to these places once the sun sets. Other than these two spots, the city is full of scattered food trucks and stalls. Dahi bada aalu dum, chaat and ghuguni found at every nook and corner, shall always be on the priority list of foodies anytime of the day!