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Time we did joint ventures through NGOs, says B.K. Modi


Singapore, Nov 5 :

Industrialist B.K. Modi, who launched the Global Citizen Forum initiative last year, is keen to do hold a separate event for NGOs in New Delhi in 2015 on the lines of the Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas.

Modi, who heads Spice Global, said he has done many joint ventures in his life with “the aim of bringing investment from across the globe into India”.

BK Modi, Industrialist
BK Modi, Industrialist

“It is now time that we do join ventures now, through NGOs which will help this money to flow wherever it is needed most. Not only in India, but also in parts of African and Latin America and other countries,” the industrialist told IANS in an email interaction.

According to Modi, an Indian-born Singapore citizen, the number of billionaires has grown substantially “and most of them want to give back to the society. This also includes Global Indians”.

He said he is keen to join with other philanthropists to join in the Narendra Modi government’s social initiatives like Swachch Bharat, educating the girl child, building toilets in village schools.

“I am a Singaporean Citizen holding an Overseas Citizenship of India card. I would like to use my position to connect with other philanthropists from Singapore and across the globe and bring those technologies into India which can assist with these campaigns,” he said.

“I will absolutely use and utilize my own personal wealth, but the goal is also to join with others and unite others into this plan and vision. Such a move with encourage individual involvement and more effective results,” he said.

He said the GCF as an organisation is “based on the power of ‘Global Citizens’, it seeks to harness the power of the diaspora of India and other nations to bring positive and rapid change in the world to achieve peace and faster development.

GCF, a not for profit organisation, aims to facilitate creation of a global society without boundaries of religion, ideology or geography.

Modi said the Global Citizen Forum has held several conferences and has a strong network in many ‘global cities’ through its regular conferences. “We aim to work with NGOs based locally to provide them with funding and audit support, to ease the implementation process for them”.

“The core objective is to streamline the donation process, to ensure money reaches where it is required most and optimally utilised,” he added.

He said the GCF “is aiming to connect with everyone who is global – any diaspora of any nation, not just India. As the one of the largest populations of the world, the Indian diaspora is always going to be a major component in any international effort”.

“The aim of GCF is to involve these people and through them non-governmental organisations who can brainstorm and develop roadmaps for inclusive social development, especially for those living in extreme poverty.”

“To execute this, GCF wishes to propose a separate event for NGOs in New Delhi in 2015 on the lines of the PBD,” he added.

He said that “I think, we Indians have finally found a dynamic leader in Prime Minister Narendra Modi who can bridge the gap between the East and the West, that often plagues many global Indians.”