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Tiger preys on buffalo, unborn calf in Odisha village


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Thakurmunda, Apr 3:

With the villagers in Thakurmunda area in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district living in self-imposed confinement as tigers have played havoc in the hamlet, the big cats have claimed two lives yesterday.

tiget attack 1

A pregnant buffalo was caught unaware yesterday when a tiger attacked her and its two-year-old calf while they were grazing in the field at Kantabahali Sahi in Jamanda village under Thakurmunda block in Mayurbhanj district.

While the tiger first pounced on the calf and gripped the baby between its jaws, the pregnant mother stood up to the mighty animal to free its offspring. As a battle ensued between the adults, the beast freed the baby from its clutches and countered the resistance to establish his supremacy.

After a brief struggle, the tiger tore into the expectant mother’s womb silencing the bison and the unborn calf.

However, the two-year-old calf managed to escape the death trap and reached its master’s place limping with grievous injuries.

tiger attack

The inhabitants of the village, which comes under the Satakosia Range, are having sleepless nights due to the wild attacks.

In the last 45 days, the wild animal has attacked the domestic animals thrice and many buffaloes and cattle have been killed in the encounters.

Meanwhile, forest department officials visited the village and have submitted a report to their higher-ups, sources said.