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Three arrested for beating youth to death in Odisha capital


Reported by Santiosh Jagdev
Bhubaneswar, Jul 15:

Commissionerate Police have arrested three persons for attacking a 25-year-old youth on Monday night who later succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday morning.


The accused persons, identified as Baserah Ahmed Khan (52) and his two sons Tejarat Ahmed Khan (24) and Salamat Ahmed Khan (18), were arrested for assaulting Shatrughna Behera of Sabar Sahi at their restaurant. The youth later succumbed to his injuries.

The father-son trio were produced in a local court here on Wednesday after a case was registered by Saheed Nagar police in this incident.

Hundreds of angry relatives of the deceased held a protest outside Saheed Nagar police station on Wednesday evening after Shatrughna’s mother Nukuta alleged that her son could have been saved had PCR van taken him to hospital instead of detaining him at the police station for several hours after the attack.

“We want to know what happened between when Shatrughna was picked up from the restaurant at 9:30 PM and then dropped off at his residence at around 1.30 AM in the night. Why the PCR van did not take him to the hospital, the police have to answer to these questions,” said one of the angry protesters.

Commissionerate police rejected allegations that Shatrughna was tortured in police custody, saying he was just detained and no policeman had even touched him.

“We can produce CCTV footage proving the allegations being made by the family members of the deceased worng,” a police officer said.

“Instead of taking my son to a nearby hospital, the police dropped him at home late at night and left. If my son had received immediate treatment, he could have been saved,” the deceased’s mother Nukuta alleged.