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Crack poses no threat to Hirakud dam, say Odisha engineers


Odisha Sun Times Bureau

Sambalpur, May 31:

A team of experts will be visiting Burla on June 3 to inspect, examine and make appropriate suggestions to the Odisha government on the cracks leading to seepage in the power house drainage and discharge gallery of Hirakud Dam,  S N Das, chief engineer, Power House said, adding, the crack does not pose any threat to the dam.

Hirakud DamThe team of dam security experts, who will be on a two day visit on June 3 and 4,  will study the leakage of water through the crack in the dam and advise appropriate remedies, said Das.

He said seepage of water from the gallery was nothing new and that it has been leaking from the last 4 or 5 years. However, he conceded that the amount of leakage has increased of late and said the attentions of the Energy and Water Resources departments have been drawn to the issue.

However, there is no danger to Hirakud Dam as such, said Das.

Water to the turbine at the power house is channeled through the pen-stock which is then discharged through the power channel. Water is leaking from the gallery when water is being channeled through the pen-stock to the turbine and while it is being discharged.

The crack poses no threat to the dam, clarified Rabindra Panda, superintending engineer, Hirakud Dam Division.