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This lamp runs on glass of water and salt


Manila, July 30:

A Philippines-based company has developed a lamp that can run for eight hours at a stretch on a glass of water and two tablespoons of salt.

pic: www.thealternative.in
pic: www.thealternative.in

The Sustainable Alternative Lightning (SALt) lamp does not have any hazardous material or component and it has a USB port for charging a smartphone.

“There are over 7,000 islands in the Philippines and most of these islands do not have access to electricity. We want to eliminate the sustaining cost in areas that rely on kerosene/battery powered lamps and candles as their main source of lighting,” the official SALt website said.

“Using the SALt lamp for eight hours every day, with proper maintenance, will give an anode lifespan of six months,” it added.

The lamp uses the science behind the Galvanic cell, the basis for battery-making, changing the electrolytes to a non-toxic, saline solution — making the entire process safe and harmless.

When the electrodes are placed in the electrolyte, the energy generated kicks an LED light into gear.

Moreover, the salinity — amount of salt found in 1,000 grams of water — of ocean-water can operate the lamp, the website said.

The lamp is apparently still in its prototype stages, but should be available for consumers soon. People can pre-order the lamp by visiting the website. (IANS)