This hilarious post of Odisha youth at Eiffel Tower takes Rasagola tug-of-war to another level!

Bhubaneswar: The Rasagola battle between Odisha and West Bengal has almost sucked Odias and Bengalis into a cultural debate ever since there arose a question about the soft syrupy delight’s origin. While West Bengal managed to bag the GI tag for Banglar Rasogolla (which is basically the sweet produced in that state), Odias cried “foul” in unison. From prime time debates on television channels to editorials on newspapers and the social media sparring, a lot has been said and done.

In spite of all the tension, there is no shortage of good-spirited banter, as well. Odisha Sun Times stumbled upon a certain social media post that is proof of good-natured ribbing between the people of two similar-yet-different cultures.

An Odia youth has been spotted posing at the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris with a placard that tells his friend that no matter what, Rasagola belongs to Odisha.

“It all begun with Rasagola-belongs-to-us jokes and funny debates on the sweet’s origin with my friend and then the news of GI tag lead to an inside joke between us,” said the youth from Cuttack, who wishes to remain unidentified.

He later went on to clarify that he doesn’t mean to disrespect his friend, Banglar Rasogolla or Bengalis in any way. The placard reads, “(sic) Rasagola Hamara tha, Hai aau Rahega… Jai Jagannath!”

Picture courtesy: Facebook

The post, put up by one of his friends, has been gaining a lot of engagement on social media and is raining reactions and comments.

When asked about why he chose this particular location which is considered to be one of the most romantic spots in history, he said, “It is love. Love for state. Love for Odia culture. There are so many things people do not know about Odisha and we need to present it to the world. This was a humourous way of doing it, even though it was specifically intended towards my friend and wasn’t generic at all. We as Odias, must feel proud of our land, language, culture and food. We are pretty unique,” he added, before signing off with a Bande Utkala Janani!

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