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These Odia poems will transport you back to childhood days

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Bhubaneswar: The writer of Barnabodha, the first book in Odia for children incorporated in the school curriculum, Madhusudan Rao, once wrote, “Bidya atai mahadhana
Balake kara uparjana,” which means knowledge is wealth and children pursue the same.

People have always picked up various means to educate children or teach them life lessons. And of all the mediums, the most interesting one has been through poems and folk songs especially in regional languages.

Here’s a list of famous Odia poems you must have read as a kid:


1. Gacha O Kathuria- In this poem, poet Pallikabi Nanda Kishore Bal describes how trees are important for human beings and everyone on Earth.
2. Sundara Sansara– This poem by Madhusudan Rao describes the beauty of this world, ‘Ki sundara aha, ki ananda maya, ahi bisala sansara‘ are the first lines of this wonderful poem!3. Pilanka Ramayana/ Pilanka Mahabharata– Nilakantha Das wrote a version of Ramayana and Mahabharata for children.
4. Aahe, daya maya biswa bihari– This poem by Ramakrushna Nanda is now adopted as a prayer song.

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5. Prabhata (a poem from Sisugita)- A poem by Madhusudan Rao which describes the scene of sunrise and the children.