The tale of hijras’ life on ‘Jibana ra Canvas’ tonight on Kanak News

Odisha Sun Times Bureau

Bhubaneswar, Nov 3:

‘Jibana ra Canvas’—a programme conceptualised to highlight the topics lesser important yet integral part of the society. The half-an-hour long weekly episode telecast on Odisha’s leading channel Kanak News on Tuesdays airs unconventional topics.


This week, the programme tries to delve into the various aspects of the life of a hijra.


As per a rough estimate, around 1000 members belonging to the third gender inhabit the capital city. They mainly reside in the slums and other dingy streets far from the hustle and bustle of city life.


They are often despised and harassed by toughies on the street. From the busy traffic signals to toll collection points, the eunuchs are seen begging for survival. Some of them also engage in prostitution to earn their livelihood.


Despite Supreme Court judgement of quota in government jobs for the third gender, they are marginalised in the society. Kanak News entered the darkness of the slums through the narrow alleyways to bring the various facades of their lives to light.


Watch the special episode of ‘Jibana ra Canvas’ on the life of hijras tonight at 9.30.


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