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The insatiable carnal desires of teens in Odisha capital


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Feb 29:

The teens in the Temple City of Odisha have got better of their contemporaries across India as nearly three-fourth of them lose their virginity before attaining the marriageable age.

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India Today Sex Survey-2016 has belied the popular perception of Odisha’s capital city of being traditionalist. As per the survey, 72% adolescents in Bhubaneswar became sexually active before 18. However, the elders fared poorly in the annual report card on sex with 80% indulged in sexual activities at least once a week.

The soon-to-be Smart City denizens seem to be getting bolder on the rules of the game and talks on sexuality not just brushed under the carpet. The survey finds that 37% never give oral sex to their partners.

The annual survey on changing and exploratory mindset on sexuality revealed that in Chandigarh, 33% residents avail paid sex services and 65% people prefer multiple women partners.

Chennai tops in the list of cities across India in oral sex where 57% say oral sex is very important to them followed by Pune where 45% give oral sex to their partner.

It seems people in Kochi are kings in carnal desires as 85% residents are high on their sex drive whereas a meager 3% people in Guwahati have sex daily, a lowest in the country. However, 61% Guwahatians voice that partner’s appearance is important during sex.

While 92% people in Kochi are attracted to their partners, 94% companions rate the performance of their sexual partners as good.

Akin to the denizens of Bhubaneswar, 93% Mumbaikars opine that sex is important in a relationship. Over and above this, a 96% population of them are satisfied with their sex life.

The city of Nawabs—Hyderabad—boasts of of its rich tradition and culture and has undergone a sea change in its pursuit of pleasure. Around 67% people have indulged in casual sex and 37% people love to film their sexual act.

Interestingly, 58% of respondents in New Delhi say that they have never watched pornography. On the contrary, 21% Bangaloreans get turned on by watching porn.

Ranchi, the third most populated city in the tribal-dominated Jharkhand, has topped the list in the bisexual act as 90% of respondents favoured having sex with the both sexes. Sounds a bit selfish indeed, 54 % residents say their own pleasure/gratification is important during sex.

The survey further reveals that 55% residents in Gurgaon have faced sexual dysfunction as compared to 87% respondents in Guwahati who have never faced sexual dysfunction.