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Terror threat to Mumbai airport, Taj Hotel turns out a hoax


Mumbai, Sep 29:

The terror threats to the Mumbai domestic and international airports and the adjacent Taj Hotel have turned out to be a hoax, officials said here on Tuesday.

pic: indiatvnews.com
File Pic: indiatvnews.com

A phone call at around 12.40 a.m. to a landline number at the airport manager’s office had warned about a planned terror hit at these sites with explosive-laden vehicles.

Describing it a “specific threat”, the Mumbai police and airport security went into a state of high alert at all the three sites, which are already classified as a “high security zone”.

Reportedly identified as Vishesh Kumar, the caller had warned that at least five vehicles would blow up between 9 to 10 a.m. at the three targeted sites with the impact would be much bigger than the 26/11 terror attack.

After investigations during the day, the security agencies concluded that the call was a hoax and are now attempting to trace the caller.

A spokesperson for the Taj Group of Hotels said here that the Mumbai Police conducted a thorough security check and have confirmed the call targeting the hotel to be a hoax.

“We continue to be highly vigilant at all times to ensure safety and security of our guests,” the spokesperson added. (IANS)