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Tell the time by a mere ‘touch’


London, April 11 :

Can you tell the time just by touching your watch? Soon, you would have a watch in the market that works on “touch” principle.

The Bradley Timepiece, as it has been named, has a titanium face with gently protruding markings but no numbers or hands.

Bradley watch
Bradley watch

Its unique feature is two ball bearings set into grooves that people can touch to tell the time.

“Most clocks and watches require vision and checking the time is still a big problem if you’re visually impaired. We wanted to develop a timepiece where you can touch time,” Hyungsoo Kim who designed the quirky timepiece was quoted as saying.

“This is a timepiece and not a watch because you don’t have to watch this to tell the time,” added Hyungsoo, CEO of Washington-based E-onetime that developed the watch.

The bearing towards the centre of the watch indicates the passing minutes and one marking the hours is positioned on the side.

The ball bearings are connected to a watch movement beneath the casing with magnets, reported mailonline.uk.

The ball in the central groove rotates to mark the minutes, while another set into the side of the timepiece travels round the face to denote the hours.

Although the watch has been designed for visually-impaired people, it’s so stylish that many people with perfect vision are also ordering one for themselves, the media report said.