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Telangana urges media not to use ‘T’ for state


Hyderabad, July 23 :

The Telangana government has urged the media not to use ‘T’ as an abbreviation for the state and advised it to use either the complete word or T.S.

In a letter to editors of all TV channels and newspapers, Telangana Chief Secretary Rajiv Sharma requested them not to use ‘T’.

“This new state is often quoted in the media with an abbreviated prefix ‘T’, such as T-Govt., T-State, T-CM etc. In fact, the new state is formally mentioned as ‘State of Telangana’ or ‘Telangana State’ in the A.P. Reorganization Act.

“You may kindly recall that the new vehicle numbering scheme also bears ‘TS’ as the abbreviation for Telangana State,” he said.

Many newspapers published from Hyderabad have been using ‘T’ for Telangana for many years, often to make the headlines spicy.

During the movement for separate statehood, leading newspapers often used ‘T’ to describe Telangana. Some of the headlines read ‘T is on boil’, ‘Storm in T’, ‘T all set to be served in parliament’ and ‘T is now a reality’.