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Tanka Torani no more sold at Ananda Bazar in Odisha’s Puri


Puri: With the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) continuing with its drive to enforce strict guidelines, Tanka Torani vendors haven’t turned up at Ananda Bazar inside the world famous Jagannath Temple in Odisha’s Puri to sell the mouth-watering drink since last two days.

The SJTA has continued with raids and quality checks since it decided not to allow sale of stale of inferior quality consumable on the temple premises. Since Saturday, the Tanka Torani vendors have stopped selling the watery drink made with mixture of curd, water rice, lemon leaves and green chilly.

This indicates success of SJTA’s initiative towards bringing in reforms in temple affairs.

The holy month of kartik is approaching during which habisiyalis (fasting women) depend on mahaprasad (cooked Prasad offered to the deities) being sold at the Ananda Bazar. Streamlining the affairs ahead of the rush season is a welcome step, a localite expressed.

On the other hand, sale of mahaprasad inside the bhitar bedha (inner enclosure) has been stopped.

As per reports, the SJTA officials and vendors had a scuffle while the former tried to evict them from the inner enclosure. Following this, hot dal fell on a person engaged in supplying of mahaprasad.

After the incident, the vendors are no more seen at the prohibited place since last two days despite the ban being lifted.

Similarly, no ghee other than supplied by OMFED is being used by diya vendors inside the 12th century holy shrine after the administration’s decision.

It is worth mentioning that SJTA had put out a notice banning sale of Tanka Torani and Rabidi last Friday as we had reported here.